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Airblend™ Magic Stars

Airblend™ Magic Stars

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Material: Durable glass

Crystal ball size: 6cm

Power: USB plug

Package Included:

1 Magic Stars

1 Light base with cable

30 day guarantee

At AirBlend™, we are committed to sustainability, we do not make returns (we avoid the carbon footprint that each return would leave). Tell us what went wrong, send us a photo and we'll refund you in full. Then, if possible, you can donate your product to a local charity or recycle it (within 30 days of receiving your product).

Magic sphere 🔮

Each of our spheres is made of highly resistant glass and has a wooden base with built-in LEDs and USB connection. Meticulous laser engraving ensures the highest quality in the details of each design.

How long is the sphere?📏

The 6cm diameter spheres rest on a 2cm high wooden base.

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