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AirBlend™ Infinite Tulips

AirBlend™ Infinite Tulips

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  • Anticipate spring
  • Lamp and mirror, 2 in 1!
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*Manual assembly*

Size: 20cm*13cm

Material: plastic + acrylic

Voltage: 5V

Package Included:

1 set of DIY tulip LED night light, with button cell, 12 tulips, mirrors, LEDs and all the material for easy assembly (basic tools required).

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30 day guarantee

At AirBlend™, we are committed to sustainability, we do not make returns (we avoid the carbon footprint that each return would leave). Tell us what went wrong, send us a photo and we'll refund you in full. Then, if possible, you can donate your product to a local charity or recycle it (within 30 days of receiving your product).

Immerse yourself in a Garden of Tranquility

Add a touch of magic to your space with the Air Blend Infinite Tulip Lamp . When you turn it on, you will experience the beauty of infinite tulips that transform your environment into an oasis of serenity.

The Ideal Night Light

The soft and enveloping lighting of the infinite tulips creates an environment conducive to achieving a restful sleep.

Its relaxing effect helps reduce the stress accumulated during the day, providing a calm refuge for your mind to immerse itself in a deep, rejuvenating sleep.

Simple and quick assembly

At AirBlend™, we care about your comfort. We want you to experience the magic of our mirror, so assembly is as simple as enjoying its charming tulips.

The package contains everything necessary to assemble our product and will take a maximum of 20 minutes.

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