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Apollo Lamp

Apollo Lamp

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  • Endless color and brightness modes
  • Indirect Light, rest for your eyes
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Height: 140cm

Foot : 40cm

Cable length: 250cm

Power : 100 - 240V | 20W | 50HZ

Compatible Plug : UK/AUS/US/EUR (all included)


  • +1 million colors
  • +330 multicolor effects
  • Different brightness intensities
  • Control by remote control

30 day guarantee

At AirBlend™, we are committed to sustainability, we do not make returns (we avoid the carbon footprint that each return would leave). Tell us what went wrong, send us a photo and we'll refund you in full. Then, if possible, you can donate your product to a local charity or recycle it (within 30 days of receiving your product).

"Experience lighting scenes like never before."

The Apolo floor lamp is a must-have piece for anyone looking to improve the lighting in their home. With its modern design and elegant matte black or titanium white finish, this lamp is a statement of intent.
But it's not just its looks that make it special: the lamp's RGB color changing function allows you to experience lighting scenes like never before. Whether you want to set the mood for a romantic dinner, a party or simply relax after a long day, the Apōllō floor lamp is the solution.
It is the perfect addition to any modern, minimalist home looking for unique and customizable LED lighting effects.

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